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Our Solutions Are Built Around Your Needs

It's our priority to understand your commercial real estate needs, expectations, and goals and to formulate unique, customized solutions that help foster your productivity. Rushman Moore REG provides full-service commercial real estate brokerage services to clients around the world that desire to rent or purchase a business home in Atlanta. Our brokerage is able to successfully navigate today’s complex commercial real estate arena because our experienced staff has a vast knowledge of the commercial property market.


Co-Working Spaces


Co-Working Spaces

Our co-working spaces create new business opportunities and foster new relationships while minimizing costs.


Office Brokerage


Office Brokerage

We take the time to listen and carry out the necessary research in order to understand your company's office needs.


Retail Brokerage


Retail Brokerage

Finding the perfect retail space can be expensive. If we don’t find the perfect space, we will build it out for you.


Franchise Services


Franchise Services

We offer land acquisition and space rental services for our Franchise Service clients. We make your needs our business.

Who We Are At Rushman Moore

At Rushman Moore REG, businesses of all walks can now afford to discover the power of having their office space represent them wholly and effectively. Entrepreneurs, small business owners as well as corporate clients and franchises are now connecting to the need to create positive environments that reflect their company instead of a cookie cutter solutions that they are forced to be a part of. Come experience Rushman Moore REG to experience the freedom that you have been missing.


Rushman Moore REG

Environments That Create Success

Rushman Moore REG works closely with clients to develop commercial real estate solutions that make obtaining real estate a creative and meaningful process leading to maximum performance. Our clients entrust us to create value to their brands and improve their bottom line through creating environments that allow their teams to thrive.

Our strategic location model allows us to match our clients’ needs with what works in the best interest of their market and not simply their budget. This approach allows Rushman Moore REG to remain a leader in Atlanta’s commercial real estate market.

  • Office Locations
  • Co-Working Locations
  • Retail Locations
  • Franchise Options

Service Divisions

Rushman Moore REG assists our clients in making informed real estate decisions regarding of the implementation of commercial real estate plans. One of the biggest stresses that our clients face is dealing with the lease and purchase of their business home which is a reflection of their company and culture. We help them make decisions based on desires and not limitations. Our service divisions assure that you are receiving experts in specific areas of need instead of a one size fit all solution. Our clients are our bottom line.

Space Offerings

Rushman Moore REG is known for our customizations, recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all. Our commercial spaces are fully customizable to your business culture and needs. From turning the corner suite into a showroom to decking out an entire floor, we make your space work for you.